A charity fundraising ceramic installation

“Fluttering and dancing in the breeze”

Ten Thousand Daffodils was a spectacular celebration of the rich literary and historical legacy of the Ullswater valley in the Lake District. From April 24th to June 24th 2023 a unique installation of 10,000 ceramic daffodils was ”planted” against the romantic backdrop of Lowther Castle and Gardens to raise funds for charity. It was a truly stunning sight to behold! Over £300,000 was raised for six charities.

Local ceramic artist, Helen Ratcliffe, inspired by the poetry of Wordsworth and his celebration of the daffodils on the shores of Ullswater, initiated this project to raise £300,000 for six deserving charities and the target has been reached.

The aim of the project was to support smaller charities who don’t receive significant exposure or funds. These charities were carefully chosen to reflect the overall aims of the project, covering all aspects of social needs, environment, history and arts.

All proceeds from the remaining daffodils will go to support Another Way’s work.

How do I buy a daffodil?

Individuals and businesses have been wonderful in sponsoring and supporting the project and you can see who helped on out supporters page.

The labour involved was all through volunteers and Helen is not being paid for the project. Any surplus materials and equipment after the production e.g. clay, glaze, slab roller, glaze mixer etc, was donated to local schools and community groups.

Thank you to all our lovely supporters so far.

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! Over 500 volunteers took part in this project. Amazing support. It is still possible to donate to this project as all production funding wasn’t covered prior to the project.