our wonderful supporters

thank you so much to all our supporters

We are very grateful to our corporate and individual sponsors who have generously donated towards the production of the daffodils.

Any equipment and materials remaining at the end of the project will be donated to local schools and community groups.

corporate sponsors

Thank you so much to the following companies for their sponsorship.

crowdfunding sponsors

Thank you so much to the following people for donating funds to kick-start the project.

 Nick Ratcliffe • Becky Brand • Jili Allen • David Brocklebank • Jo Valentine • Eileen Maclean • Emma Bray • Megan Codling • Gordon Lightburn • Sally Phillips • Jane Newport • Jan Edwards • Helen Tallentire • Richard Hall • Kathryn Jourdan • Suzanne Coppenrath • Michael Robinson • Katie Nittler • Pat & Malcolm Jackson • Sally Welsh • Joanna Simm • Claire Keast • Jane Petrie • David Harrison • Lis Wilkinson • Elizabeth Cochrane • Jenny Melmoth • Jessica Womersley • Kathy Thornton • Lucy Bennett • Jane Smart • Julie Watson • Rebecca Cartwright • Martin Giles • Eleni Strong • Harriet Thursby • Louise Privet • Kath Casey • Judy Casey • Jane Shaw • Bronwyn Kerr • Valerie Nippard • Ullswater Breakfast • Oliver Mitchell • Tim Clarke • Ann-Marie Williams • Carole & Tony Sharkey • Denise Phillips • Brian Rogers  • Sue Ridley • Martyn Nicholson • Camilla Bassett-Smith • Sian Beard • Elizabeth Cookson-Butler • Colin Partington • Tilly Darwood • Karen Luton • Sally Michael • Lisa Penberthy • Keith Rodgers • 


 “I am not doing this alone. In addition to the hundreds of volunteers helping to make the daffodils I have an amazing team – The Daffodil Club – from the Matterdale valley kindly donating their time and expertise to this project. I owe you!”

Helen, project creator.


Our Project Team:

  • Nick Ratcliffe
  • Emma Bray
  • Chris Bray
  • Helen Reed
  • Michael Reed
  • Helen Tallentire
  • Jane Petrie

our fantastic suppliers

All the suppliers of our materials and equipment have afforded us donations or discounts that have allowed us to keep production costs as low as possible. Any remaining materials and equipment after the project will be donated to local schools and community groups.

support however you can

If you can please support us by purchasing a daffodil, or donate to our appeal.